epiGenesys is a software development company based in Sheffield, UK. We provide custom web applications, mobile apps, databases and websites for a variety of customers. Our speciality is information management systems for the health research and higher education sectors.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Sheffield with a passion for practical education, we use our commercial revenue to support and enhance the learning experience of more than 200 students each year.

We use lean and agile techniques to ensure that your needs as a customer, and those of your users, are at the forefront of our development process. Our methods encourage communication and enable us to quickly respond to changing requirements and create the solution you need, on time and on budget.

Our experienced team use modern technologies and automated testing to create secure and robust software that is easy to maintain.

Health Research

We have produced a variety of web-based software for health research including clinical trial databases and surveys, randomisation systems, decision support tools, and online interventions.

Through our long partnership with the Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit we have developed a validated electronic data capture system used by more than 40 studies. It offers features including extensive access permissions, detailed audit logs, sophisticated input validation, and flexible reporting.

Higher Education

We have enhanced the activities and workflows of organisations in a wide range of areas including administration, training, data collection and analysis, and business continuity.

For several years we have worked closely with the Medical Schools Council who are tasked with supporting the creation, maintenance and quality assurance of medical assessment questions. We have created software that allows them to securely and reliably manage this complicated process on a national scale.

This is an overview of what we do at epiGenesys; contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

During the past 11 years we have been involved with a wide array of projects, frequently requiring the development of bespoke systems to fulfil our customers’ highly specific needs.

Over time, we found some of our tailor-made solutions fulfill a much wider need, and have since evolved these into products in their own right. To find out more about please see below:

Ethics Review

Developed with the University of Sheffield's Research Services, our Ethics Review System effectively manages the complete ethics review process.

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In collaboration with the University of Sheffield's Department of Computer Science we offer practical experience that is uniquely incorporated into the academic curriculum. Our flagship teaching endeavour involves students participating in Genesys, a student-led software development organisation that equips them for their future careers.

Our staff use their professional experience to provide regular guidance and support that encourages students to learn and improve in a realistic yet safe environment.


We provide training in web application development, project management and customer interaction through a blend of online tutorials and practical workshops.

Our modules require students to use a lean/agile process to create software. We teach a variety of material to support the adoption of techniques such as test driven development, pair programming, and continuous deployment.


We assist students by facilitating small group seminars and team retrospectives that provide an important opportunity to give and receive constructive feedback.

Students participating in Genesys work in teams to provide software for customers. Each team meets with their mentor on a weekly basis to discuss progress, and to consider how their software development process might be improved.


We provide access to the same collection of modern software development tools used in our commercial work, and advice on how to use them effectively.

Our students use a number of commercial and open source tools for communication, prototyping, error tracking, and version control. We also provide access to our in-house project management tool, which facilitates the use of Kanban boards and burnup charts.

If you are interested in becoming a Genesys customer, or are looking for more information, contact us.

epiGenesys began humbly as a team of two in 2007 and has grown and evolved into the highly-skilled team it is today. We value our people and believe that giving them freedom along with guidance and mentorship will allow them to flourish and do great things for our customers.

If you are interested in joining our growing team, please see our jobs page.

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