epiGenesys is an innovative social enterprise and a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Sheffield. We combine excellence in bespoke software development with a passion for enterprise education through which we enhance the learning experience of more than 250 students each year.

Our educational activities primarily involve facilitating training and work experience within the curriculum for students who are studying degrees in computer science, enterprise computing and software engineering. We achieve much of our impact by operating Genesys Solutions, a student-run division of epiGenesys, which also offers bespoke software development services.

Our work is made possible through our successful business activities, where we specialise in the delivery of information systems for the education, medical and health research sectors. We collaborate primarily with public sector organisations including the National Health Service, the Medical Research Council and the Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance. We also operate a successful partnership with the Clinical Trials Research Unit at The University of Sheffield and together we are able to provide database design, data capture and clinical trials randomisation and minimisation services.